Let Dave create a wondrous and memorable experience at your next party or event. He will dazzle and delight your family, friends, guests and patrons with amazingly unique balloon sculptures. Balloon Bender Dave’s continued success depends on creating satisfied customers. Over 80% of his business is a result of referrals from satisfied customers or repeat business.

Balloon Entertainment

Dave will come to your event and make balloon creations for your guests.

Balloon Delivery

Don’t send an ordinary bunch of balloons or flowers. Send a “Special Delivery” from Balloon Bender Dave.

Balloon Class

Dave uses the natural excitement and energy of the students and teaches them how to become real balloon artists.

Go to Custom Show

Custom Show

Let us know your event details, and we’ll design a special show just for you!


  • I entertain mostly in northeastern Ohio, within ~80 miles of Cleveland. I would recommend 4-6 weeks in advance. If you are doing some last minute planning, feel free to contact me, as there may be an opening.

  • My prices vary depending on the specifics of your event, such as the location, date, length of time, type of service, amount of preparation time, and travel expenses. If you know the details for your event, just call or email, and I will provide you a quote as soon as possible. Currently I accept cash, money orders, or checks. Credit cards are accepted with a service charge.

  • My minimum time is one hour, and I can work up to 8 hours for one event.

  • With enough balloons and time, I can literally make ANYTHING, limited only by the imagination of the person requesting the creation.